Rainbow 6 siege I heard has gotten really good with all the updates..

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User Info: Mindbend8er

4 months ago#1
Is it to late to get into it it seems complicated and people don't like nooks in their mp teams
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User Info: SubwooferKing

4 months ago#2
It will take a very long time to get good at mp. It is incredibly frustrating at first but you just need to keep grinding away.

Play terrorist hunt to get down the gameplay, change your sensitivity ( I recommend high vertical and horizontal as well as low ads).

It’s one of the best np experiences I’ve had but it’ll take time and if you don’t stick with it you won’t like it because you will die a lot. It also has the worst community in a game I’ve ever experienced.
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User Info: JRiggsIV

4 months ago#3
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User Info: AWarAmp84

4 months ago#4
I think the general consensus is that it's a great game that's all too often spoiled by the community which is unfortunate. I played it off on and off for the better part of a year and I had some great times.
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User Info: Flamer_Blue

4 months ago#5
I only play terrorist hunt.
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User Info: SubSeenix

4 months ago#6
I play it on PC but the game is the same

Absolutely amazing

But there is really a lot to learn and you can meet online really toxic people
And not the typical CoD toxic people - These guys are hardcore toxic in Siege even on PC.
Can't imagine it on consoles that are filled with kids.

This game is extremely tactical in terms of a videogame shooter + you have to be aware of so many things you only get to learn after probably 50-100 hours of gameplay.

You think the door and the windows are the only entrance?Yeah no
Walls are suddenly gone,gadgets from certain classes are simply blasting in from every angle and every little tiny spot in a wall could mean someone is aiming through that.

But once you get the hang of it especially playing with friends/people that explain stuff to you it gets extremely good.

I would recommend watching some streams of Pro Players on twitch.

User Info: 305michael305

4 months ago#7
Yup year3 season pass just came out.

User Info: McCartneyMartin

4 months ago#8
Good luck.

User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 months ago#9
I sold it because non of my friends played

Recently bought it again, and was blown away...it a whole new game

Made some new friends...because playing this team based game with no communication sucks
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User Info: THEaircobra

4 months ago#10
I wish they would enhance it for X.
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