Final verdict on Star Wars battlefront 2?

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User Info: Chyld989

4 months ago#31
QueenTakhisis posted...
Iceman83 posted...
LanternOfAsh posted...
I bought it despite the pay to win and I still hated it. Not really that fun and the campaign is terrible.

Is it really that bad?
Far from it. It's actually pretty good. Just ignore all the whining about loot boxes and microtransactions, and focus on the actual game. Not many people seem to do that, strangely.

User Info: Hucast9

4 months ago#32
Huolihan posted...
Just watched the movie and am now in the mood to play some Star Wars I enjoyed the first one but after the whole loot box issue I never bought this one is it safe to get it now or leave it alone?

I played through the whole campaign plus the extra campaign that they recently added. I also played a few hours online. It's worth it if you like the other Battlefrront game. They recently added a patch that reduced the amount of points needed to unlock heros. Many heros are already unlocked from the start.

The campaign was acceptable. There were a lot of space battles, which was fine. It's nothing that'll blow you away, but the characters were well done. The presentation of the events in the single player was actually very good.

I have no regret getting Star Wars Battlefront 2, and I plan to keep it.
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