2017 - The Year of Crony Business Practices in Gaming

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User Info: blacklabelice

7 months ago#11
SigmaLongshot posted...

Gamers expect an unbearably high standard from games, yet are unwilling to make any compromises. You can give them £150 million game and they refuse to spend more than £30 on it, nor can stand microtransactions, nor DLC packs, nor special editions, nor any other infringement on the overall "give me without me giving" scenario.

Just remember that there are martyrs and pariahs. Companies play the long game and understand they may have to be the villain to survive if it means propagating the status quo.

Are you willing to accept a higher RRP on games? Or that pervasive DLC is the way forward? If not, then "only looking to the honest ones" is an incredibly short-term endeavour.

I'm not attacking you by the way, I'm just bringing up a culmination of what I see day in, day out. As a person who has worked in both AAA development and independent development (and now I have my own indie team), the naivety I see is both overwhelming and frustrating. I am also a consumer. I know how this works. But in any other parallel industry, this would have collapsed as a model by this point. This is why I wholeheartedly welcome the Netflix/Gamepass model - it's at least thinking about the long game.

perhaps they shouldnt blow half their budget on marketing and overpriced celebrity voice actors and perhaps try to deliver a quality product with enough content to justify the price tag, and more people would buy it and they would make their money.

or they can just copy and paste an ea sports or call of duty game every year and theyre guaranteed a profit. you cant justify needing to implement all these microtransactions and lootbox and turning your game into a boring grind marathon to obtain a $2 item just because of money concerns when youre already turning in billions of dollars every year. but they expect people to believe that they somehow spent a massive fortune just herping out another version of it and thats why they should have to keep on dual wielding their credit cards for any little thing.

they should try putting out a quality game that more people would enjoy playing, rather than half assing a game, releasing it in a shoddy state and loading it up with microtransactions and dlc they cut out just to try to make back money from the people who are turned off buy it and decide not to buy it and tell all their friends to not buy it either.

i mean $150 million dollars to produce a game? maybe for 1 or 2% of the games out there, and none of them actually would have costed that outside of their marketing campaigns and all that. they are simply just trying to milk gamers to make as much as they can and please all of their investors. sure thats what any company would do theyre out there to make profit, but at least most of them actually try to treat their customers with respect rather than to try to s*** all over them and treat them like dirt. hell look at all the lies and bulls*** bungie and activision is caught up with in their latest destiny 2 scam and everything going around it to try to push more microtransactions to make up for the people they are turning away. you cant really tell me that a copy and paste of the last half baked destiny game costs 150 million to produce. and all of the tactics they are using to force people into buying dlc and entice them into loot boxes is mainly because they are hurting for money somehow.

when is it ever going to be enough? theyll just keep milking it and trying out newer tricks to get people to pay more and more so long as they think people will still pay. its not going to end, because enough people have already accepted it, and some actually defend it.
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User Info: Winternova

7 months ago#12
blacklabelice posted...
its not going to end, because enough people have already accepted it, and some actually defend it.

So, if you're resigned to that fact...why whine so much?
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User Info: James_Upton

7 months ago#13
None of those are unique to 2017...
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User Info: Cubby

7 months ago#14
kholdstare04 posted...
dont forget pay to play a preview game LOL

Actually on PC they used to do worse, you used to buy discs thinking you were getting the complete game, just to find out you only got a Demo, or one part of the game, and had to pay full price to get the rest of it. At least this way, you own the game, completely.
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