One little detail in games

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User Info: Fanthem

3 months ago#1
What's the one little detail in a game that always stood out to you as being a nice little touch? Whether it's a specific game or in general in games. For me, it's always been when a game transitions from a cutscene right into the game seamlessly.

User Info: RonBurgundy929

3 months ago#2
Destructible environments

Being able to destroy everything is fun.
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User Info: SixStringHero

3 months ago#3
Attention to ejected shell casing sound effects in games that involve any kind of shooting.

Some games have the stock audible 'ting-ting' sound regardless of the surface they land on.

FEAR did this perfectly where the sound effect would be determined by whether landed on concrete, wood or carpeted floors.
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User Info: coldblooded88

3 months ago#4
When the characters clothes gets wet or dirty, especially in sports games.

Good idle animations.
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User Info: genesis145

3 months ago#5
For battlefield, I started on battlefield bad company 2. So I got hooked on destruction. And every new battlefield the games get less and less destructible. I mean you can't destroy half of anything in battlefield 1. They were pointing out how the floor would be destroyed when bombs hit it, but buildings are now mostly indestructible aside from regular houses.
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