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User Info: Broodingpage7

2 months ago#11
ZDT_Leader posted...
GladiatorDanger posted...
EnemyWithin88 posted...
Was it always this boring? Idk maybe it's the shoddy performance and I'm waiting to level up enough to defeat willow in Hobbe killing but i just can't get swallowed into the game like i did all those years ago. Which is a shame since playing 2 and 3 recently had me dying to play anniversary

I never thought the first Fable was ever that good, it always puzzled me when people said the series went downhill after the first game as Fable 2 was miles better than the first game.
In Fable 2 getting fat was the most difficult thing to get rid of..

All you had to do was eat celery, and it was pretty easy to get as well.
You mistake stars reflected in a pond for the night sky
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