how do you pronounce pubg?

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User Info: NuclearHendrix

5 months ago#21
pawg geah
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User Info: LOOOPS

5 months ago#22
Shoot first, think never.

User Info: kst8er

5 months ago#23
well for the first few weeks that i would see it mentioned i thought it was for pub games, like fable had a few years back. I didnt understand why people were getting so excited about it
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User Info: X_F_L_A_W_X

5 months ago#24
Pubely Jubley

User Info: Chyld989

5 months ago#25

User Info: John-Dana

5 months ago#26
Always, ALWAYS have a backup plan. If that fails, have a backup-backup plan. If that fails...

User Info: bojangles22

5 months ago#27
PUBG: quincy saltmine

That's how it is correctly pronounced.
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User Info: Boogie_WoogieWu

5 months ago#28
DiztruxionUk posted...
I don't, if I say it out loud to friends I call it battlegrounds. No need to abbreviate things when you speak, unless people have started saying lol instead of actually laughing and I've missed the memo?

So, what about FUBAR, ASAP, SNAFU, NES , SNES , N64, ATM, PIN, APP, M.D., etc, etc, etc?

User Info: Mr_Starch

5 months ago#29
Poo big
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User Info: Battleship_Gray

5 months ago#30
Babbit55 posted...
And it is one of my biggest bugbears.....

You didn't just Laugh out loud, don't just say it! If it made you lol, then I expect you to sodding laugh, not say "lol"

Heh I actually agree with you. I rarely use it because I'm rarely made to laugh out loud on the internet.
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