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  3. I sold CoD WW2 for PUBG

User Info: weekoldhotdog

1 year ago#1
I'm down loading right now. I should be able to reap what i sew pretty soon, as in bask in all this 50vs50, true next gen gfx and gameplay glory while I'm destroying in a game that's finally going to be without campers and quick scoping. I hate to secretly brag, but I clearly backed the right developer on this one.
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User Info: Jak3_Ry4n

1 year ago#2
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User Info: uubershikamarux

1 year ago#3
You sold a $60 game for an indie early access game which costs <$30?
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User Info: Kcrack

1 year ago#4
uubershikamarux posted...
You sold a $60 game for an indie early access game which costs <$30?

This. I haven't liked Cod since BO2 but wow.
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User Info: James_Upton

1 year ago#5
You’re going to need some lube, you will be bitter
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User Info: EcchiSaberUnit

1 year ago#6
prepare for a truly cinematic experience.

User Info: AWarAmp84

1 year ago#7
Nice. You won’t regret it.
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User Info: AltiarLio

1 year ago#8
Pubg is fun but not that fun to take that loss. Hope you enjoy it past it’s flaws tho
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User Info: ExempliGratia

1 year ago#9
Yea.. Cod WW2 is actually really fun (Best since MW2 IMO). I guess if you want to sell it for another game that's on you.

Not sure why you felt the need to share it though.
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User Info: The_Hedon

1 year ago#10
That's good because COD is pure garbage.
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