How much hard drive space do you have left?

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User Info: uubershikamarux

4 months ago#11
Out of 5TB I have about 2.2TB left
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User Info: Overburdened

4 months ago#12
85ish% of 2TB.
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User Info: DigitalFury_

4 months ago#13
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User Info: maximo

4 months ago#14
4TB out of 8TB
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User Info: DiztruxionUk

4 months ago#15
On PS4, 100ish gb of a TB.
Xbox one, 750ish gb of a TB.
PC, God knows, a lot left.
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User Info: DarthOdin

4 months ago#16
Not much since im still running a 500 gb lmao
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User Info: kryptin

4 months ago#17
2.5tb left out of 8tb.
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User Info: Babbit55

4 months ago#18
My day 1 has 91 games currently installed with 505gb left (got to love that 2TB external!)
GT:- Babbit55
PC - i5 4670k, 16g ram, RX 480, 2tb hybrid drive.

User Info: c13rocks

4 months ago#19
1.3 gb so plenty of room left for me

User Info: thatguy181

4 months ago#20
Little under 1 TB. I have an external 1 TB drive I use. More than ready/happy to delete games I've beaten and have no intention of replaying again soon.
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