Have you gotten into any of the Xbox one mmos?

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User Info: NothingbutJrpgs

4 months ago#21
The only MMOs that’ll be worth playing on Xbox is Black Desert and Tera
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User Info: BigOW

4 months ago#22
Conan exiles if that’s considered an mmo

User Info: AltiarLio

4 months ago#23
@Rings posted...
@abramsM1A2 posted...
Skyforge has been good so far.

Agreed. I’m loving it so far.

Same, if only the frame rate could keep up and I’m playing on the X.
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User Info: TBONE_OG

4 months ago#24
ESO was/is good. I played that for a long time, taking a break right now. And now it's xbox enhanced, looks/runs so much better.
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User Info: Seanie1200

4 months ago#25
I am playing and enjoying ESO online and Warframe at the moment. ESO online is a lot of fun but I do quite often try and do something then have to remind myself I am not playing Skyrim. It did take a little while to open up but I am now finding lots to explore in the world and I managed to pick up the Gold version (with four dlc packs) and Morrowind for dirt cheap so I have a lot more to do. You can pick the base game up for next to nothing now as well.

Warframe is a lot of fun too with good mission variety and a nice mix of gun and melee combat. The only problem with it is that things are not well explained at all. I played for a while and was getting nowhere fast until I went to the forums - here, reddit and others - but once I did and learned a few of the game's mechanics I really started enjoying it. A poster above spoke of a paywall but there isn't one really. What there is is a huge (and I mean HUGE) grind for new frames, weapons and upgrades. From what I have read though, every frame and weapon is feasible for the whole game as long as you work on your build. At least it in in PvE so far for me, I haven't played PvP. It is free though so well worth a try.
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User Info: EnemyWithin88

4 months ago#26
Warframe. That is all.
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User Info: WallyWeasel

4 months ago#27
ESO is great. I have like 700 hours in, but am currently on a break from the game.

My advice would be to find a good guild immediately. The community is great on ESO, having good guild members makes the game 100x better than running thru everything solo or with randoms.
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