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User Info: Horinees

4 months ago#1
Why not many people play on xbox ?

The game got like best comunity , look on their fb page forums ,alot of happy people.

All content is free

You can pay money but you dont have to and nake frames yourself and weapons.

3 x storyline quest with alot of cinematic cutscenes.

15 worlds with each alot of. missions
Pve 4 player co-op
Conclave 4 vs 4.
Handbal 3 vs 3 .
Pve with pvp
8 player raids.
35 classes.

Card system to tune weapons and warframes and so on :O

Try it out people :O

User Info: Lvaneede

4 months ago#2
The game has incredibly ugly chracter design. Thats why I dont like it. The gameplay is ok. I played it for a while on PC ages ago.
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User Info: Horinees

4 months ago#3
Alot of changed. New graphics update , movement update , some character are really looking bad ass but i understand tour point sone are so ugly . I cant play with ugly characters 😂😂

Same with mmo if i regret it i start over to make new one

User Info: robert_rangersu

4 months ago#4
I tried it I really wasn't big on the game play to be honest. Game is doing well though and is supposedly setting examples of how to be successful with a F2P Micro transaction based setup, so that's good.
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User Info: Cruddy_horse

4 months ago#5
I thought the game had a fairly large Xbox community, but there is a s***load of missions and content so that probably dilutes the population in some parts.
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User Info: OldDarkElf

4 months ago#6
It seems like there a good amount of people playing. I just started getting back into it after this last huge update. I didn't really play a whole lot before so it's still new-ish for me. Not a huge fan of space stuff, but the gameplay is solid.
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User Info: Horinees

4 months ago#7
Later on when you get the hard space missions where the whole level is full of puzzle , lasers ,cameras , traps it is so nice. Some are really hard and its like 10 - 15 to just gp to other side of map

User Info: Horinees

4 months ago#8

Look at this puzzle level

User Info: Beasthunt

4 months ago#9
It's done well but at the end of the day it's still f2p trash.
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User Info: Boogie_WoogieWu

4 months ago#10
Legit newb with poor English, or yet another bulls*** alt with fake concern and faking having horrible grammar because someone can't stay out of trouble?
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