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User Info: DiztruxionUk

5 months ago#31
Nothing, luckily I'm financially comfortable enough to be able to buy what I want, when I want. So I'll wish for Santa to bring someone that's not as lucky as me something like Cuphead that deserves to be played by a bigger audience.
Now playing - Nier Automata, Bloodborne, Forza 7, PUBG, Yakuza 0, Project cars 2.
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User Info: Scottsturn

5 months ago#32
My pick from Santa would be Assassin's Creed Origins. Looks to be amazing!
This isn't fair! This isn't fair to Flair!

User Info: Sila98

5 months ago#33
Wolfenstein 2 definitely

User Info: NIN_tendo

5 months ago#34
Skyforce Reloaded, as I played that first one with my brother
A Hat in Time, since I've heard good things about it.

I can only hope I'm on Santa's nice list! #WARRIORS
Wii FC 3756-1965-4560-5571~~~ 360 GT xX NIN tendo

User Info: Syn_Vengeance

5 months ago#35
Forza 7! Put 90 hours into Forza 6 but just can’t afford 7 right now, would love to play it.
Long live machine, The future supreme..
Man overthrown, Spit out the bone..

User Info: SSMajinVegeta2

5 months ago#36
I’m pretty cheap-Devil May Cry:DE would be cool.

How about you TC? @KID_VID
On my business card, I am a corporate president. In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer.
Satoru Iwata, 1959 - 2015 RIP GP God bless

User Info: jasonh1981

5 months ago#37
I would ask digital Santa for L.A. Noire.

User Info: djmetal777

5 months ago#38
A copy of Assassins Creed Origins would be awesome tbh
PSN ID- djx1100/ 3DS FC:3068-0095-9026 Steam ID: Djx1100

User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
5 months ago#39
If Santa were to deliver me a digital gift on my Xbox one x I would hope for Forza 7.
aka NeoMasamune

User Info: MertensCW

5 months ago#40
Oh wow Santa remembers me after all this time.
Probably a trap and I’ll get digital socks, when I’d rather be dressed as the dark knight.
Few Favorites- Ninja gaiden 1-2, Colony Wars 1-3,Xenogears,MarioKart,Lunar 2 GTA:SA,S&K,FF6-7,Zanac,S.Metroid,SMB2,NFL2K5,Halo 2, NG2,Vanquish,Witcher 2.
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