Most Wanted Xbox One games in 2018

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User Info: ZatchBell

7 months ago#1
List your top 5 most wanted games coming to xbox one next year.

My picks

1) Valkyria Chronicles 4
2) Soul Calibur VI
3) Sea of Thieves
4) State of Decay 2
5) Megan Man 11
Sega Fan for Life

User Info: Otterz4Life

7 months ago#2
State of Decay 2
Sea of Thieves
Ori 2

User Info: ZatchBell

7 months ago#3
I would have put Kingdom Hearts 3 but with Square Enix and their development cycles no idea when that is coming out.
Sega Fan for Life

User Info: Cubby

7 months ago#4
Ori 2

State of Decay 2

Crackdown 3

Dynasty Warriors 9

Valkyria Chronicles 4

User Info: Brandy1977

7 months ago#5
Monster Hunter World
DBZ Fighter
Dynasty Warriors 9
IDC after that.

User Info: killaSeason007

7 months ago#6
State of decay 2
Pubg 1.0 Xbox release
Rdr 2

User Info: Reel_Big_Mike

7 months ago#7
Metro: Exodus
Far Cry 5
Red Dead Redemption 2
Crackdown 3

User Info: ThanosSupreme

7 months ago#8
Monster Hunter Worlds

Metro: Exodus

Crackdown 3

Sea Of Thieves

"That's how I determine which one to buy.No moved goalposts for me whichever one outperforms the other wins." - quincy2000a

User Info: Brownstone

7 months ago#9
1) Monter Hunter World
2) Dragon Ball fighterz
3) Red Dead Redemption 2
4) Ori 2
5) State of Decay 2

Honorable mention goes to Sea of thieves, my as well end up being my most player game. I just need to se more content.
Gamertag: Mr Brownstone64

User Info: chex81

7 months ago#10
Far Cry 5
State of Decay 2
DMC Collection
Crackdown 3 (hopefully)
XBL: chex81 || NNID: phasma81
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