When should I enable HDR10 on my Sony X900E?

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  3. When should I enable HDR10 on my Sony X900E?

User Info: KillErSeveNDan

4 months ago#1
Most of the time when I enable it, it just makes the colors look so terrible, like an explosion of washed out colors. Should I just keep the HDR mode on auto? Or am I just supposed to turn it on for games with HDR support? Or is there a certain calibration setting that would work with HDR10 on all games?

Sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm just trying to maximize the capability of the tv.

many thanks!
GT: frozensocks

User Info: Shankis

4 months ago#2
Have you played with your tv's settings at all?
You could try these and see if it looks any better.
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User Info: Griff

4 months ago#3
The HDR setting should be on auto, so that it'll trigger when it get's a capable signal.
If you have it on by default, everything will be too overblown.

User Info: D_FENS3

4 months ago#4
Also, adjust the sliders on the in game menu of HDR white and black balance. On COD: WWII it made A huge difference. On my X850C. Luckily there was an HDR update on that TV
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User Info: LanternOfAsh

4 months ago#5
Yeah don’t activate hdr. Let it set to auto.
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User Info: KillErSeveNDan

4 months ago#6
Thanks guys! Kept it on auto
GT: frozensocks
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  3. When should I enable HDR10 on my Sony X900E?

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