Phil Hopes That Xbox Is The 'Last Job He Ever Has'

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User Info: gh0st--d0wn

4 months ago#131
Boogie_WoogieWu posted...
gh0st--d0wn posted...
AndyJoe89 posted...
gh0st--d0wn posted...
All the trolls are just jealous of Xbox and secretly wish they would have bought one instead of the Weeaboostation 4 or the Pokindo b****.

A 4 year-old Novice User account?

Yes, I could not use my account for a long time. It was suspended because of racist comment.

Bulls***, even purgatory doesn't last more than 90 days.

It was suspended for a while, stopped using it until recently when I bought a PS4, happy now? :)

User Info: velchron

4 months ago#132
HyruleHero posted...
VENOMOUS75 posted...
HyruleHero posted...
Discharged19DCS posted...
HyruleHero posted...
cory1225 posted...
Nodrog77 posted...
Phil is a conman-I'm just stating the obvious. I'm tire of his bulls*** stance on exclusives. Of course they matter.

No they don’t lol. Most people own multiple consoles anyway.

There’s a big reason Xbox is the laughing stock of the industry right now. Nintendo got Mario and Zelda this year and Sony got Horizon.

Microsoft got...another Forza.

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Which account(s) did you have banned previously for melting and trolling before you created this troll alt account and started to melt down again?

Can’t refute what I said? That’s precious.

Check to see if Muryo got suspended. This alt is an obvious nod to Ninzelda

Why can’t people refute what I said? Is it impossible to do so?

So Nintendo got the best open world game for 2017 (subjective)
PlayStation got a runner up or 6th place in the open world games for 2017

Microsoft got the best racer/sports game for 2017

So if you like open worlds, get a switch. If you like racing get an xbox one or pc.

Different people like different things so you have a very s*** argument.
Instead of argueing with the trolls, simply say sorry. It's not their fault..... only daddies.

User Info: SigmaLongshot

4 months ago#133
CPXLPN posted...
4 years of fighting obviously haven't remedied the problem. Not in the slightest. Trolls are still here, people still go haywaire and the negative topics keep getting bumped to the top. Mostly by the Xboxers no less. This topic isn't a bad one, but all qunciy had to do, was post Phil and a link, and you proceeded to bump it for 80+ posts w/o Quincy coming back even once.

Trolls are winning big time.
Try a new tactic

Everyone knows Quincy collects his links from News Now:

Yet no one is posting all the positive Xbox stories from there. You could easily drown out all the BS topics, because that's how you fight fire with fire ... but you chose to keep bumping the negative ones, reaffirming the trolls.

4 years.

Now, I get this, and I appreciate the sentiment, but are you suggesting in order to "beat" the trolls we need to become some altruistic anti-troll vigilantes that spam nothing but positive information? Even when anyone so much as utters a positive sentiment towards the Xbox brand the trolls go into turbo-mitosis and carpet-bomb the topic into oblivion.

I'm afraid though your intentions are obviously well-meaning, I don't think that would serve to clean up this self-perpetuating toilet-brained behaviour.
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A decade working in AAA game development? Time certainly flies.
(message deleted)

User Info: HentaiMan

4 months ago#135
What was op talking about again?
Nintendo fanboy, KirbyCentrist. Poyo peace to the world :)
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