The most toxic gaming communities?

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User Info: HentaiMan

4 months ago#41
Beasthunt posted...
John-Dana posted...
Beasthunt posted...

Just trash.

Reddit is actually more tame on certain subreddits. If the Sony fanboys try to troll on the Xbox One sub, for example, they will be moderated, their posts removed and their accounts banned to hell. The mods are that serious about having a friendly and open community.

I agree to a point, but it's very much a good ole boy system on the Xbox and Switch forums. The mods have some sort of redeck approved poster list, and have zero defined modding parameters. On the Switch forum you are strictly only allowed to post about worshipping the dead CEOs, pictures of your favorite Nintendo character, or pictures of some crappy switch cake your sweet grandmother made you.

The Xbox board is just filth. Those mods are the pure definition of idiotic cancer. To the point where it's not fun or benefitial to cruise that subreddit. It's the EA of forums. I keep hearing how bad neogaf was/is but those mods....pure garbage human beings.

Nintendo fanboy, KirbyCentrist. Poyo peace to the world :)

User Info: AWarAmp84

4 months ago#42
Yeah, Siege is probably my most played shooter this gen but I do agree, the community has gone to s***. It wasn't always this bad. It's a shame because when you have the right group of people, it offers something that these other clusterf*** shooters don't.
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User Info: Landonio

4 months ago#43
HentaiMan posted...

Um, did you seriously just link a Pokchop video? That man is pure gold.

And likewise were both of his sets with Real Law. And pretty much any set he plays with anyone to be honest lol. Everybody loves Pokchop. He brings hype and comedy to the table, and always keeps things entertaining. There's nothing "toxic" about that. If you would've posted an FChamp vid, you maybe would have an argument. Anyway.

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User Info: gh0st--d0wn

4 months ago#44
The PS4 board here at GameFAQs

User Info: Dfy556

4 months ago#45
World of Warcraft

It was always a haven for nutjobs and social rejects, but boy, it somehow got worse.

User Info: Dfy556

4 months ago#46
DirkMcGurkin posted...
The internet.

Well put!!

User Info: PesticideDream

4 months ago#47
MOBA games like LoL and Smite are the most toxic I've experienced. Overwatch is bad sometimes, but at least you only have to put up with someone's s*** for like 10 minutes at most in a game. LoL and Smite, sometimes you have to put up with an a****** for at least 20 minutes and sometimes 40 minutes or longer, and I get a lot more hate and rage messages no matter if I performed well or poorly. LoL is the only game I've quit solely due to toxic players, other games I just ignore them.

I don't think the PS4 board is all that toxic, it's just completely filled with trolling and repetitive topics (pretty much everyday, there's a new topic on either loot boxes, Aloy being ugly, "weeb" bashing, or some SJW thing), if you read around those topics it's not too bad.

User Info: EightySix22

4 months ago#48
-The Capcom fanboys in the FGC. Eventhubs is the biggest collective of bitter men-children I have ever seen.

-The Halo fanbase has devolved into angry, reactionary, foul-mouthed idiots who can't live on with their lives knowing that someone, somewhere is having fun with something made by 343i.

User Info: ScottJ

4 months ago#49
In my personal experience, it's the Playstation Only gamers. They are truly the worst fanbase video games have to offer. The pathetic elitism and completely delusional sense of accomplishment they have is beyond mental. Every time I'm around fanboys it makes me want to shake my head or roll my eyes but those "Sony or it's stupid!" types? They actually make me embarassed to share their hobby.
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User Info: HentaiMan

4 months ago#50
@Landonio I added the TTT2 video after for the comedy lol. Yeah pokchop is funny.

And 17:30 I laughed more than I shouldve. "bring the white man back in!"

And 9:39!
Nintendo fanboy, KirbyCentrist. Poyo peace to the world :)
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