Instant Gaming Turnoffs - Things that put you off a game with a single phrase

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User Info: DirkMcGurkin

4 months ago#171
SigmaLongshot posted...
Hey, you'll get no argument from me that those "press start for 10G achievements" are ridiculous and are literally in no way "achievements", but something like a transient, temporary "be the very best, like noone ever was" achievements take the opposite extreme and run with it to a degree that makes them unattainable.

I think my issue is mostly with the fact they're often for online games that last, at best, a couple of years. Now, even if we all had a chance to get to be the best damned player in the world, we only have a finite chance to get those achievements before they're gone forever, effectively making the game (for completionists, at least), unfinishable.

Now, I know what you're going to say - you're going to tell me that not everyone deserves to earn every achievement. But I think that even giving people the illusion that they could some day potentially get every achievement is enough to make it important. If they're ultra-hard AND they're only achievable for a brief period, I think it's a bit too much for people that place a lot of value in truly completing/mastering a game.

But that's just my opinion, y'know, man.

I take issue with the idea that achievements are connected with completing a game 100%. It's like saying you haven't completed a race 100% unless you win first place and get a trophy. I guess it depends on your definition of "truly completing a game". It reminds me of the criticism I hear towards millennials about how they expect a trophy for everything. Even a participation trophy. Sony even calls them trophies in their games. That's exactly what most of these achievements/trophies have become.... a participation trophy.

When I start hearing people complain about not being able to unlock certain trophies and achievements, it's like, yeah so? Why is that so important? You want to fill your game with fun and easy achievements, that's fine. You want to fill your game with challenging achievements that a bunch of people may never even unlock, that's fine too. The bottom line is that nobody should go into a game expecting to be able to unlock every achievement. IMO every game should have a good amount of achievements that you have to put forth some serious effort and practice into in order to achieve, and even then, you may not be good enough to unlock them.

If everyone could win the Indy 500, it wouldn't be much of an achievement to do so. Sometimes, you just can't win and that's ok. The fact that someone considers that a deal breaker and will avoid a game simply because they may never get one ore more of the achievements, really drives home that criticism that millennials expect a trophy for everything. And no, I'm not one of those people who complains about millennials, it's just an observation. Just my two cents.
Gamertag: Dirk McGurkin

User Info: takidigits2005

4 months ago#172
"No single player campaign" (Obviously this only includes games that should have had a campaign such as Star Wars Battlefront and not multiplayer-only games)
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