I think I am done with buying games when they first come out.

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  3. I think I am done with buying games when they first come out.

User Info: AWarAmp84

3 months ago#21
EnemyWithin88 posted...
It's a good thing to learn. My entrance fee is when they drop to 30$ and below. Patches, dlc, collection, good sales etc

I'm usually about $40 CAD.
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User Info: devnull520

3 months ago#22
I used to do this. I have games from the 360 era still sealed. Games I got on release date. I used to pre-order games from amazon and forget about them. Then by the time I got the game I was playing something else or busy and never got to play it. This happened more often that I care to admit. This generation I decided to go all digital and no preorders unless I really really want the game. It saves me a lot of money and no need to buy a game on an impulse. All the games are available to buy from my living room anytime I really want to play them, or if they are on sale for a good price.

User Info: natrapslive

3 months ago#23
Sorry it took this long for you to realize day 1 purchases are a waste. I can deal without the bug/ glitches games come plagued with. I always wait at least a month or 2.
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User Info: Overburdened

3 months ago#24
I've always been that way. The I my game I've ever gotten on release, pre order was Lego Harry Potter. Don't know why, just really wanted it.

Everything else I get on sale, second hand. This way they've always had patches and fixes by the time I get them, and there are always walkthroughs and guides made by then too.
There are so ma y games out there I haven't scratches the surface, so new releases are never top priority

The one down side for this is, the mp side may be a lot quite or just all immense players left, but 9 times out of 10 it's fine.
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User Info: SpongeBob_SP

3 months ago#25
Totally agree, dude. There's no real reason to buying games on release, other than ones that are MP focused/only. I skipped Injustice 2 on launch, and it's $14 at GameStop tomorrow.

User Info: Lugoves

3 months ago#26
This is what I've started doing for the most part. No reason to buy a game at full price on launch unless it's an online game, special/collector's edition I want, or it's a Nintendo game.
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User Info: CarmensDaddy

3 months ago#27
I pay as much as I think a game is worth. To me, most games aren't worth 60+ bucks anymore, but a game with a 50% off sale that's been out with good reviews and had all its patches, sign me up!
GT: CarmensDaddy
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User Info: kobalobasileus

3 months ago#29
SpicyOcto posted...
I've been doing this for years


You also get to skip over all the broken release code and the update treadmill and play an actually finalized version once you get to it.

User Info: BeefEaster

3 months ago#30
I buy games when they're new cause I wanna play them right away
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