I think I am done with buying games when they first come out.

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  3. I think I am done with buying games when they first come out.

User Info: AttackOnTitan

3 months ago#1
Games go on sale much faster than they used to and I am starting to not mind missing that hype that new releases have. I really want to catch up on a ton of old games I missed and my backlog.

Only certain few for me are day one now, Talking maybe 3 new games a year. Alright glad I got that off my chest XD. I know I am really late to the party
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User Info: Syn_Vengeance

3 months ago#2
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User Info: SpicyOcto

3 months ago#3
I've been doing this for years, for no other reason than I'm cheap. I can get three recent release games for the price of one new game

User Info: Imn0tleB0W5ki

3 months ago#4
fair enough, i got FO4 & SWBF & regret both. The last game i bought day1 was da new South Park. I am looking at red dead 2 & FC5 as my next potential day 1 purchases.
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User Info: TXGUY147

3 months ago#5
I think the only type of game i would buy at release now is a MMO. Its just because i feel like i get behind in MMOs and dont want to feel like i am playing catch up. But like i want to play AC origins but i will be able to get it dirt cheap next black friday with all the extra content included. Maybe i would the next Elder Scrolls but i may would wait for that too because of the DLCs and mods that would come out over the year.

User Info: VENOMOUS75

3 months ago#6
I agree. I've been leaning in this direction for a while. The last two games I bought day one were Tekken 7 and Injustice 2, and they're already on sale at deep discounts, but I used MS points to get them, so it's not so bad.
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User Info: Neo Vejiita

Neo Vejiita
3 months ago#7
The only time I get games full price on launch is if I am getting a discount through amazon either from prime, or from e3 pre orders, or if they are Nintendo first/second party games.

Because yeah, like you said games get discounted crazy fast these days. Just look at the Black Friday sales on AC Origins, Wolfenstein 2, and CODWW2. About a month after launch and they are all $30 Canadian off on sale.
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User Info: Broodingpage7

3 months ago#8
A game is only with a Day 1 purchase if you really want to get stuck in the MP imo
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User Info: kryptin

3 months ago#9
I keep telling myself to wait and I usually do, but at the end of the year, I always seem to give in and get burned by the games I bought full price going on sale a few weeks later for 30-50% off.
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User Info: Dave23

3 months ago#10
I’m about to start doing this. Bought South Park day one and played an hour and now weeks later it’s gonna be 30 bucks. Could of just waited, there’s just a few I need day one.
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  3. I think I am done with buying games when they first come out.

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