Might be a silly question, but._.

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User Info: Danimus

2 months ago#1
Do any of you guys ever wonder why video game cases have different styles of disc tabs? Those press and release disc tabs come in several different styles and I've always wondered why. It makes sense to me that PS4 cases are distinguishably blue while XB1 cases are green, but you'd think that the game case manufacturers would have one universal disc holder tab style. Forgive me if I sound like a dork i'm just curious is all.

User Info: LordTrevelyan

2 months ago#2
We should get the worlds best scientists on this ASAP!!!

Joking aside I never noticed that tbh could be I only have a few physical games. Hmmmm what ever happened to game manuals in the box? now that I think of it...........
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User Info: DGenerateKane

2 months ago#3
Some are a b**** to remove the game. One of the reasons I decided to go all digital. I only have 6 disc based games, half of which I feel like I'm going to snap the disc in half every time I want to remove them from their cases.

User Info: Purple_Cheetah

2 months ago#4
I've always wondered how people remove discs aggressively and come anywhere close to stressing it.

I place my index/finger tips on the outer rim of the disc and lightly depress the center spindle until it releases enough to freely shift/come off through gravity or by influence of the finger tips. Don't have to depress it very much or stress the disc, the case is fully functional for years(again you don't have to press it down that much/hard).

I have never damaged a disc outside of an old PC CD that had a paper style sleeve and got crushed by something. I still used it, it worked even if it'd probably grenade my drive during installation. Not like I could replace it at the time.
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