Black Friday Deals Tonight @ Midnight?

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User Info: krdell

3 months ago#1
IGN is reporting that some retailers are starting their deals online tonight at midnight but without much clarity. Can anyone here confirm anything?

User Info: SteveAustin268x

3 months ago#2
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User Info: blaze120683

3 months ago#3
I heard Best Buy was not sure if it’s true
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User Info: pinoy boy

pinoy boy
3 months ago#4
Search IGN instead of Gamefaqs since IGN is the one reporting it...?

User Info: cory1225

3 months ago#5
Bestbuy started at midnight on monday
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User Info: youngskillz

3 months ago#6
cory1225 posted...
Bestbuy started at midnight on monday

just checked a few games, nope.
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User Info: mike468

3 months ago#7
cory1225 posted...
Bestbuy started at midnight on monday

That was early access for prefer members/card holders.

Target gave early access to black Friday pricing this morning to red card holders.

As for TC, yes a lot of online retails have their black Friday sales start tonight at midnight (or 12 pm pst like target). They've been doing it for the past few years actually, as I've bought stuff from best buy the last few years on Thanksgiving morning.

It's way better than going to the stores ImO.
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User Info: stevieb1234567

3 months ago#8
Most stores r doing there sales online as well as in store because they know more people shop online...
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