Post your gamerscore pts for old time sakes..

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User Info: Nodrog77

5 months ago#1
GT: Bludluvr,most wanted: Wii U, SMGalaxy 1 & 2, Cpt Toad's TT, SM3DWorld, Bayonetta 1 & 2, Mario Kart 8, The Wolf Among Us 2

User Info: Raiden243

5 months ago#2

User Info: thedude008

5 months ago#3
just passed 40,000 ..kinda sad as i've had xbox since before achievements existed.

*yeah i'm a big achievement hunter, can't ya tell? lol
want options for xbox to shut down or standby when pressing the guide button? (instead of going through settings)
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User Info: moloko

5 months ago#4
158,382 /the-best-of-gamefaqs-uncharted-4quantum-break-temper-tantrum/

User Info: DigitalFury_

5 months ago#5
I post a lot using my phone. Most "typos" are probably a result of autocorrect

User Info: dided21

5 months ago#6

User Info: djwagon

5 months ago#7
3.300 and i been on live since launch .really see gamescore and what evey live call thier trophies as a total waste of time
Gamefaqs. the place were grammar/english/typing is more important then talking about video games .people attack me for that reason PRICELESS. ok by OTACON120

User Info: HulkxxSMASH

5 months ago#8
Hulk is strongest one there is... Hulk is... only one there is... only one... there... is... Hulk feels... cold

User Info: Babbit55

5 months ago#9
Babbit55 - 74,817

I am not a chivi hunter though
GT:- Babbit55
PC - i5 4670k, 16g ram, RX 480, 2tb hybrid drive.

User Info: qazqazcookies

5 months ago#10
46 thousand something, only had xbox for a year and a half.... i play too many games lol
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