Must have X1 Exclusives?

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User Info: AbramsM1A2

2 months ago#21
Ori is a lot of fun. I finished it in about 10 hours but I didn't do any secret hunting.
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User Info: chex81

2 months ago#22
stevieb1234567 posted...
Grenadus posted...
Quantum Break
Gears of War 4
Halo Wars 2
Halo 5
Forza 7
Forza Horizon 3
Sunset Overdrive
Dead Rising 3
Halo Master Chief Collection

Not 1 of those is a must have. While theres some good in there there not must haves

stevieb1234567 posted...
Thats y theres no point in owning either one..Plus the games that say there 4k arent true 4k

Relax there troll
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User Info: Cubby

2 months ago#23
TheAzure posted...
Ori? (Length? Replayability?)
Halo 5? (Splitscreen is all i care about)
State of decay?(worth it before 2? At what price)

Ori depends on various factors, and secrets, and what not. I think about 12 hours + pending on various factors. Replay value also depends.

State of Decay is actually one of the better values on the XBOX ONE a lot of times, you can get a copy for 20 bucks or less, and it has the game, and all the DLC stuff. It has a lot of replay value to, pending on what you do, and what you want to try out.

Halo 5 I am not sure about really.. Not a fan of Halo.
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