Forza 7 or Horizon 3?

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User Info: importvita

3 months ago#1
Which one? - Results (35 votes)
Forza 7
20% (7 votes)
Horizon 3
80% (28 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I haven't played a Forza game since Forza 2 on the original Xbox. I've always been more of a GT fan but the series has, in my opinion, lost it's way.

Looking for the most racing I can get for my money.

Also, is it worth getting a wheel (they seem very expensive) to play these games properly or am I okay using a standard controller?

If I do need a wheel, which brand/type?

Note: Based on previous responses from an earlier poll I've narrowed it down to the two options above.

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User Info: The_Hedon

3 months ago#2
Since you like Simcades, Forza 7 is for you. Horizon 3 is an arcade racer, but it's amazing too.
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User Info: Reflex-Arc

3 months ago#3
The_Hedon posted...
Since you like Simcades, Forza 7 is for you. Horizon 3 is an arcade racer, but it's amazing too.

Agreed. Given the info TC has provided in both topics this morning, Forza 7 would be his better bet. Horizon 3 is damn good, though, as an arcade racer.
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User Info: Animeboy413

3 months ago#4
Well they are pretty different from each other, Horizon 3 offers free roam world with tracks within that world (there are checkpoints though, so its not like you can cut everything). Forza 7 offers track racing and no open world. Also FH3 is more arcade gameplay....Personally I find both titles to be amazing in their own right. If I really had to pick a favorite?, though???, <3,<3,<3, <3, it would probably be Horizon 3.. it's the best racer I’ve ever played as there's loads of different environments, more to do in single player, coop campaign which is incredible, plus on Forza 7 if a car bangs into you online, you go flying. You don't get that in Horizon 3....FORZA 7 has more cars through and it's more "simulator" styled. :)

2. As for your wheel question??? It's now just a matter of preference. Just depends on what do you prefer? The controller is easier to set up - the wheel takes up a lot of space in the TV room, but if I want to do some serious driving then I'll go with the wheel. The wheel makes for more accurate driving too -I don't think there is a clear answer as to whether one is faster than the other though. ALSO wheels are expensive!!! to base on one game. like FORZA 7, unless you plan to buy other racing games like Project CARS 2, F1 2017..

3, Just know that FORZA games have been designed around a XBox One Controller

User Info: Brownstone

3 months ago#5
I prefer sims, so Forza 7 for me.

User Info: SexPantherPanda

3 months ago#6
Forward 6 horizon zero 420

User Info: b166er01

3 months ago#7
The_Hedon posted...
Since you like Simcades, Forza 7 is for you. Horizon 3 is an arcade racer, but it's amazing too.

I'd say fh3 is simcade. Sure, it's got some 'over the top' races and hot wheels dlc, but the controls are far from arcade. It depends on assists, but generally, you can't hit a sharp turn at high speed thinking you'll just stick to the pavement like glue..or thinking you'll just effortlessly drift right thru it (tho you can w/ practice).

Also, unlike an arcade racer, just smashing the brakes to slow down from high speed will just result in sliding/screeching for a decent distance to a stop. Modulation is key.

Same with most arcade racers, with higher powered vehicles, you can just completely smash the gas and get up to speed. With fh3, you have to take into account your drive setup among other things to get the optimal acceleration instead of spinning wheels until you hook which takes precious time. Again, modulation.

Plus with all the customization which can affect performance (ride height, aero, weight reduction, etc..) it's honestly in sim territory. Maybe not as deep as a realistic dedicated 100% sim based on 100% accurate physics, but its just enough to be called simcade imo.

@ tc get fh3, you won't regret it. Unless you prefer racing on a closed-in controlled track. Nothing wrong with that if that's your preference
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