does the black friday sale end today?

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User Info: Gupster 2001

Gupster 2001
3 months ago#11
I came in here to ask, does anyone know of any other titles being added? From memory, they are, but i might not have read that correctly!

User Info: etymologist

3 months ago#12
Word of caution that might make some of you paranoid: they will sometimes increase the price without announcing it, like they did with the Destiny bundle earlier this year. If you want something, get it as soon as you can.
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User Info: Flamer_Blue

3 months ago#13
I was hoping the prices will go down, but I'll wait till the new year's sale. I've heard it's better.
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User Info: Brandy1977

3 months ago#14
What about gold for a dollar?
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