Cuphead could win GOTY and its all because of how Microsoft made it popular

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  3. Cuphead could win GOTY and its all because of how Microsoft made it popular

User Info: The_Man_On_Fire

4 months ago#1
way to go guys! good job!

User Info: blaze120683

4 months ago#2
That’s a pipe dream cup head while fantastic definitely won’t win GOTY.
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User Info: vashkey

4 months ago#3
No. A lot the credit should go to the game and its developer. Sure, give credit to Microsoft for promotion and funding but Microsoft has promoted and funded plenty of mediocre games to. It was the developers that had a vision that made this the game it is.

User Info: medmuscle

4 months ago#4
Posts 2 and 3 sum it up. While itlooks like a great game and I'm glad the "little guys" saw their vision realized, it shouldn't be GOTY.
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User Info: Squitchy

4 months ago#5
I think it should be. I need more games like it.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 months ago#6
GOTY isn't a real thing. Cuphead could be Santa Claus, too.
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User Info: MachineZed

4 months ago#7
To be fair Sony tried to make No Mans Sky popular, showcased it everywhere made it one of the most anticipated game before it came out. Said they were treating it like a first party game. Then it came out and nearly everyone that was so hyped for the game felt ripped off, the developer blamed Sony and Sony blamed the developer.

At least Cuphead is a good game.
Promote what you love rather than bash what you hate.

User Info: crazyray47

4 months ago#8
It might be the Xbox game of the year.

Wouldn't consider it overall since Nintendo won hands down and ps4 also has heavy competition.

User Info: revolution3603

4 months ago#9
Cuphead is a really good looking game and fun but it's just a boss rush it feels like that extra content in other games that you play after you beat the campaign to extend playtime
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User Info: xKryptonKnightx

4 months ago#10
If The Walking Dead could win GOTY in 2012 then anything is possible.
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  3. Cuphead could win GOTY and its all because of how Microsoft made it popular

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