Marvel Heroes Refund

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User Info: Ame_no_Murakumo

5 months ago#11
Well hopefully Sony is doing the same. I spent around $30, expecting the game to have longevity. I took a break, waiting for more content and yeah, they ran it into the ground instead.
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User Info: MabusIncarnate

5 months ago#12
Will this be for everyone, or just those who made purchases in the last 90 days? I bought Gambit and a couple other characters, but feel content with my purchase even considering they are closing the doors when it's balanced with the time I spent playing and the base game was free.. I don't feel entitled to a refund, but i'm sure some brats will.
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User Info: helIy

5 months ago#13
i knew that game wouldn't last very long. it ran like garbage and was just not fun.
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