Xbox one x 1080p tv

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User Info: darktheron

3 months ago#11
720 p and it was still with it.

Better frame rate, better graphics (NOT resolution), better draw distance, more enemies and NPC on field, better load times.

Yes, it's worth it.
"I was purged FOUR times since last August so I decided to ramp up the troll posts now." - Laylow12(Hornedlion)

User Info: Zombody2

3 months ago#12
Also want to add that games without X patches tend to hit their targeted fps much better too. So if a game like Bayonetta for example targeted 60fps, it will fluctuate much less than og xbox one

User Info: urmie

3 months ago#13
Go to this thread, very helpful:

Saw this on a forum:

"I'm playing on a 1080p TV right now, yes, yes it is. You instantly notice the difference in power even without a 4K set. I played AC Origins on the S before upgrading to the X, and let me tell you, its a huuuuge jump. The vegetation, the water effects, the detail in the sand and the rocks, the colors pop more, etc. The S version looks blurry as s*** in hindsight. I can't believe I was playing on something so underpowered for so long.

Don't let anyone else who doesn't have an X sway your opinion."

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User Info: oEASYLIFEo

3 months ago#14
The improved load times and vastly improved frame rates on every X1 game I own were worth the purchase alone, everything else is icing on the cake with a cherry on top.
It reminds me of the days when I would get a new CPU/graphics card and be amazed at how much better WoW would run each time I upgraded my PC.
UK gamer on Xbox One X, PS4 and PC.

User Info: Kingspade1212

3 months ago#15
Sounds like I'm gonna end up grabbing one then! Thanks
GT: KingStrife12
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User Info: Kingspade1212

3 months ago#16 how is this tv? I can't find much info on it or tests. Don't think it's on
GT: KingStrife12
PSN: KingsREborn12
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