This years black friday sucks.

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User Info: thedeerzord

4 months ago#1
Absolutely no good deals at all.
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User Info: Rings

4 months ago#2
I was waiting for ONE specific game to go on sale... Sniper Elite 4.

Just one.

Spoilers: It’s not on sale.
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User Info: dfalls1

4 months ago#3
Speak for yourself.
I've already bought 2 games & I'm planning on buying at least 1 more.
I'll take a $20 discount and avoid all the crowds, on the actual Black Friday, since I only purchase digitally on non-Nintendo game consoles.
The best deal on the Microsoft store, is on New Year's.

User Info: bojangles22

4 months ago#4
Ended up getting all the pinball tables on sale.
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User Info: ChiefStabaHoe

4 months ago#5
Gonna pick up AC origins when i get my 1x this Friday
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User Info: GinsuVictim

4 months ago#6
thedeerzord posted...
Absolutely no good deals at all.

There are plenty of good deals and more are coming the 22nd.
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User Info: Hucast9

4 months ago#7
thedeerzord posted...
Absolutely no good deals at all.

Not really. I got Dark Souls 3 and Doom for $5 each for Xbox One. I also got Prey for $13.90 and Horizon Zero Dawn for $20. I'm perfectly satisfied.

I do think that the sales could be better, though. For example, Final Fantasy XV and Resident Evil 7 will be $15 next wekk. Microsoft should match that otherwise people are just going to buy the disc.

On the Playstation Network I do agree with you 100%. Their sales are a joke compared to Microsoft or walk in store sales.

User Info: jediknight52501

4 months ago#8
i disagree.
it is good to be back. XBL-GamingWizardC75, PSN-Creepy_Crandall, Steam-jediknight52501

User Info: Mirage13

4 months ago#9
I got Witcher 2 for $3, plus Deus Ex Mankind Divided season pass for $4.50. I am happy.
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User Info: Zombody2

4 months ago#10
I may be wrong but somewhere on the xbox website I swore I saw new sales like super luckys tale will happen nov 23 to 27. I cant link it now but try checking it out. Again I may have misread
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