Why are people ignoring Wolfenstein II?

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User Info: BigOW

5 months ago#41
Why do they not have multiplayer anyway? I thought the team fortress style mp of rtcw was a lot of fun. If they built on that and improved on it each game I’d probably buy them for full price

User Info: Jiggy101011

5 months ago#42
50inchDLP posted...
Because the developers tried to play the "every trump voter is a NAZZIIII" angle and it f***ed their sales just like I said it would. "Liberals" live in their own sick world where everybody hates trump and the people who voted trump are raging nazis and cross burning KKK members. In the real world this pisses off the vast majority of trump voters because they are in fact not nazis or KKK members at all and many of them even voted Obama. Its because "liberals" absolutely can not cope with losing the election (something I said before the election was when trump wins the "liberals" would become unhinged) because they live in a perpetual circle jerk of online sites and MSM who told them clinton was going to win something like 99% sure. When trump won they snapped and try to blame everyone but themselves and its turned into them saying 60 million Americans are card carrying Nazis and KKK members and "MUST BE STOPPED!" to try and rally their idiotic college kid base.

I'm about 80% of the way through and Trumps name hasn't been mentioned in the game. How did you connect those dots?
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User Info: Xbox4ever

5 months ago#43
I can see 2 reasons.

1) Single Player only

2) People are butthurt about killing Nazi’s.

I’m interested in the game, but maybe will buy during the holidays.
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User Info: thechairmen

5 months ago#44
It released the same day as Assassin's Creed and Mario and a week before CoD its a great game lost in the shuffle due to its release date

User Info: AgentCooper

5 months ago#45
beth should focus all resources to elder scrolls and fallout.
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User Info: AWarAmp84

5 months ago#46
I'll definitely play it at some point. I just have a hard time paying full price($80 CAD) for a "shorter" single player experience, even if it's a good one. I really liked the first game though.
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User Info: EvilStabber

5 months ago#47
mike468 posted...
Jiggy101011 posted...
It's a single player only game with no microtransactions. Gamers don't actually want to buy those kind of games.

Not really, people just feel single player only fps aren't worth $60 anymore.

I played the last game and it was great, but at $60, not so much when there is almost no replay value on it outside of the campaign collectables.

They're almost like rental games now. Rent it, beat it a day or two (maybe a week at most, for those with limited time) and you're done. No point in going back to it.

I'll most likely grab it when it's ~$30 or less.

The Deluxe edition which includes the DLC is $40 right now with gold membership, I just bought it yesterday
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