Xbox one X on 720 tv?

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User Info: resolution_evil

4 months ago#11
>4K system on a non-4k tv

But why though

User Info: Zombody2

4 months ago#12
resolution_evil posted...
>4K system on a non-4k tv

But why though

Performance upgrades. Plus I intend on getting a much better Tv asap to reap all the benefits.

User Info: zombody

3 months ago#13

What are your thoughts so far? What would you consider the most impressive game right now (enhanced or not) I'm hopefully getting mine on Friday!
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User Info: Kakkeron

3 months ago#14
Assassin’s Creed, Battlefront II and Halo 5 look amazing.

Halo 5 is leaps and bounds better than it was before. I know it’s only a 720p tv, but the textures still appear much, much sharper and the resolution at a distance is notably improved.
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