Question about Xbox One X Enhanced games

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User Info: dangreen

4 months ago#1
Okay so I understand with games like Doom, Witcher 3 and Rise Of The Tomb Raider that they will look and perform better on Xbox One X than on the PS4/Pro because they are on the Xbox One X Enhanced list.

My question is, what about games not featured on the Enhanced list?
Take for example games like GTA V, Alien Isolation and Batman Arkham Knight! In Digital Foundry faceoffs, these 3 games were said to look and perform better on PS4 over Xbox One.

Would these games now play and look better on Xbox One X? Or would the PS4 versions still be superior as they have not been Enhanced?

I hope this question makes sense lol.

User Info: chaosslayer

4 months ago#2
I'm guessing if those games are not listed as Enhanced then they won't look or perform that much better on the Xbox One X.

User Info: hrj

4 months ago#3
Not sure.
The Pro has a boost mode that improves games that are not enhanced.
I assume the x has the same?
If so, they probably perform a little better on x now.
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User Info: kryptin

4 months ago#4
It depends on the game. Games that use a dynamic resolution or have uncapped frame rates may run better than on playstation now. There is also the added 16x anistropic filtering and AA enhancements the X adds to all games that further improve visual quality, that playstation 4 doesn't do.
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User Info: Alnilam81

4 months ago#5
It varies from game to game, really depending upon how the game was made.

Many games use a dynamic resolution, where the game lowers the resolution during heavy load. The added power of the X means this happens much less keeping a more consistent higher resolution. However many games are capped at 900p on the X1, which is a shame as the X could likely easily handle better, while often the same game on PS4 would be capped at 1080p. So in those cases the PS4 version will still probably look better, unless the PS4 was rarely hitting it’s own cap.

However, the X also has more brute force, so games which suffered from a lot of slowdown/low FPS will likely now run more smoothly as the X can handle those taxing parts better.

Ultimately though it depends on the game, the few games that used dynamic resolution and were capped at 1080p seem to do very well on the X, I think Overwatch is such a game. Games built very rigidly (fixed resolutions, capped FPS) will see little difference outside of more consistent frame rates without some kind of upgrade patch.

Hopefully more and more patches will come out allowing proper use of the extra power.

User Info: SigmaLongshot

4 months ago#6
I wrote this topic to outline where X will shine most, without patches.

Hope this helps:
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