Gears 4 UE worth it??

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User Info: IChangedMyName

5 months ago#11
NinjaGaidenman posted...
abbeldydoo posted...
Regular version is 20 dollars.The Ultimate is 38.99 Ultimate lets you play all maps in private matches and gives you loot boxes and some cards.Unless you care about playing maps on private matches all you really get is some microtransactions.

Really wtf so the maps you don’t need to play really you could unlock in game but only gives you them for private seriously wow

No, they are free. No need to unlock. Only unlocks are character and weapon skins inside of loot boxes that cost way to much. Luckily though they just released a bonus for map ownership (that includes base game maps) that ups the amount of credits earned per match now.

I'd say get it, you got to avoid the cluster f*** of rebalances and dissapointing monthly map additions so everything wll be fresh and enjoyable for you as opposed to those of us who waited monthly through s*** lag, multiple shotgun tweak, playlist revisions and what not.
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User Info: EightySix22

5 months ago#12
Yes. The campaign is ok but the multiplayer is solid.
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