was Halo 1 a masterpiece?

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User Info: dweeeeb2

3 months ago#21
DarkhorseActual posted...

Perfected ‘puzzle combat’

I don’t know if Im just used to it or not but it feels like its been lost along they way.
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User Info: newsuperdude

3 months ago#22
seiki posted...
?? was 2 years old when it released

Stop making people in their 20s feel old.

User Info: RonBurgundy929

3 months ago#23
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User Info: EnemyWithin88

3 months ago#24
Play Slow Die Ignorant

User Info: da_StoOge

3 months ago#25
ImmortalityV posted...
Yeah, I played through the campaign for the first time ever on my one s and it was a blast other than the warthog controls on the last mission but I guess beating the last mission just felt so much more epic once you conquer it.

You just need practice. I played it every day after school with my brothers and friends and can still finish the final warthog chase without touching a wall.

The only thing that still trips me up is the massive jump after Foe Hammer gets shot down. There's a 50/50 chance the warthog flips over no matter what you do.
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User Info: Strav23

3 months ago#26
Yes but it does have the repetitive level design that you couldn't get away with today.
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User Info: extanker

3 months ago#27
INKU48 posted...
"Was", yes. "Is", if played for the first time in 2017, no.

I know right? I sure wish I could have seen the Mona Lisa back in 1504 when it was still a masterpiece... oh wait, that’s not how that works.

User Info: natrapslive

3 months ago#28
Halo was good. Like Halo 2 the most.
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User Info: Squitchy

3 months ago#29
That's my secret, Gamefaqs. I'm always triggered.

User Info: lightfighter

3 months ago#30
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