was Halo 1 a masterpiece?

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User Info: seiki

4 months ago#1
?? was 2 years old when it released
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User Info: Raiden243

4 months ago#2

User Info: DJ break beats

DJ break beats
4 months ago#3
Raiden243 posted...
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User Info: Iceman83

4 months ago#4
I still have my launch copy from 2001.
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User Info: INKU48

4 months ago#5
"Was", yes. "Is", if played for the first time in 2017, no.
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User Info: ImmortalityV

4 months ago#6
Yeah, I played through the campaign for the first time ever on my one s and it was a blast other than the warthog controls on the last mission but I guess beating the last mission just felt so much more epic once you conquer it.
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User Info: dweeeeb2

4 months ago#7
Yes. Gameplay and technically.
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User Info: grampamurked

4 months ago#8
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User Info: ImmortalityV

4 months ago#9
dweeeeb2 posted...
Yes. Gameplay and technically.

Well there are much more impressive games technically on the Xbox like Ninja Gaiden/Black but if you are referring to it being impressive as a launch title I agree.
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User Info: AWarAmp84

4 months ago#10
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