What would be an ideal next gaming generation for YOU?

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User Info: SigmaLongshot

5 months ago#1
One thing that strikes me on this board is that there're an absurd amount of doom-and-gloom topics being posted by resident immune-to-moderation anti-Microsoft squad - "35,000,000 consoles sold?! Microsoft will be done after this gen!", "Microsoft will move to subscription services!", "Microsoft loves to self-destruct", and so on, and so forth. You know the ones. The ones that are pretty much the whole front page most of the time since the Xbox One X came out.

But let us be honest here guys - what would you like next generation of gaming to be? Do you honestly like the thought of a monopoly? Do you think the future of console gaming is just slightly more powerful slabs of plastic sitting under a slightly bigger TV?

Or do you think it'll be something altogether more outlandish?

(I, for one, say it all too frequently - I personally believe the future of Xbox and PlayStation as brands will be subscriptions to applications you can install on any TV or monitor, which will in turn have micro-PC architecture innately ingrained. You'll pay a monthly charge and have access to different tiers of content depending on your subscription, and you'll steam/download games directly from a cloud-based server meadow.

It makes zero sense, if all games consoles are are little boxes for playing the same old controller-based games on, that you'd need to buy the box part if your TV can just access infinite cloud-based power)

But finally - what would you LIKE the next generation of gaming to be?
Be honest. Is it more of the same? A ten-horse race, or a monopoly? AR-based TV-less integrated digi-worlds?

Let us all know!
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User Info: RonBurgundy929

5 months ago#2
Consoles are not going anywhere. This "streaming is the future" bulls*** is nothing but a dream, like this:

-No more micro transactions or paid DLC
-Half-Life 3
Xbox One X & PS4 Pro: RonBurgundy929

User Info: theactuary101

5 months ago#3
The next generation will be new boxes again. Microsoft and Sony are not going anywhere.


5 months ago#4
Consoles are for casuals, I'd rather get amazing visuals in a casual box than build a computer again.

Nextgen will improve AI a lot more, in my opinion. Visuals are already good enough. Not every game will be built on 60fps.

Id rather get smoother online and better in game AI
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User Info: INKU48

5 months ago#5
Continued physical media as an option, no paid basic online (lololol totally gonna happen), more powerful hardware (The Beast is enough tbh) and full backwards compatibility. I don't really think gaming needs to change and I've always enjoyed single-player games the most. Basically I don't want change. Gaming is good as it is. I don't need services or streaming.
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User Info: SigmaLongshot

5 months ago#6
Just for clarification - I don't believe my prediction for the future of those brands to be this coming generation, but I believe it's inevitable.
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A decade working in AAA game development? Time certainly flies.

User Info: Yi_Long

5 months ago#7
Games. Without greed through Micro-transactions, Season Passes,and other DLC bullcrap, but which will just rely on being a great game in order to sell well.

Let's be clear, nobody minds the GOOD DLC, and we all know what that is: the DLC that actually hold alot of value for money. Nobody is complaining about The Old Hunters for Bloodborne, or the bike DLC for Driveclub, or the extensions for The Witcher 3. That's all great. Kudos to the devs.

But we also all know that for every correct way to do DLC, we have 5-10 times as many examples of DLC done wrong.

So, no more ridiculous GREED, in terms of milking the customers. By all means, be greedy by making a great game and hoping it will sell well.

- backwards compatibility
- original voices ALWAYS included as an option
- no (self-)censorship.
- no gimmick-based consoles.

User Info: SigmaLongshot

5 months ago#8
And would you all be willing to accept a much higher RRP as a base level for games to accommodate for the exponentially-growing cost?

I think the AAA market is due for something of an implosion due to the bloated budgetary requirements necessitating the likes of loot boxes and shady DLC. It's become reliant on "whales" (people that overindulge on DLC) to make up for the £50 loss-leader RRP boxed product at the moment - no account for inflation, no account for increased costs. Even the higher volume of sales publishers stand to make from increased exposure compared to ten years ago means very little - we're getting to the point where if a AAA game doesn't break 5-8 million sales, it's a financial loss - which is why we get so many DLC packs to recoup the losses.

A higher product RRP would increase quality and reduce the need for nonsense special editions with endless tat, loot boxes and season passes.*

*Though of course, that's no assurance they'd disappear. Hungrier publishers could just decide to have their cake and eat it, and offer those in addition to a higher price point - if I'm being skeptical. But those of you who bewail loot boxes must realise they exist as a method to recoup losses, and if those losses didn't exist, logically they would be an unnecessary scourge that hypothetically could be eradicated.
XB1/XB360/Wii U: TotoMimo PS4: Gooey_Toto/SigmaLongshot
A decade working in AAA game development? Time certainly flies.

User Info: X_F_L_A_W_X

5 months ago#9
- Physical media that works the same way it always has, no additional DRM
- No "games as a service"

That's literally all it would take to make me satisfied. I want to own my games, play them when I want, and buy and sell them as I please to/from other people. Sure, it'd be nice to have less microtransactions, no gimmicks, backwards compatibility, etc. but they won't make or break my enjoyment of gaming in general.

Once I'm forced to go all-digital or have to pay a monthly subscription as the only way to play my games, I'm done gaming. There's enough in my backlog to last me years, and there's some games like Skate that I can play until the end of time and never get bored. I refuse to "buy" a license and then have to rely on someone else's server to play my games, only to have them shut the game down whenever they feel like it after it's no longer profitable. Why some people think it already works that way with a disc is beyond my comprehension.

User Info: xninjagrrl

5 months ago#10
If PC gets most Xbox games I would like Xbox to get most PC games. It's only fair.
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