Are you a better gamer now than 5yrs ago?

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User Info: adonfraz

5 months ago#21
I'm smarter but I'm probably worse at competitive FPS games than I used to be.

I'm better at single player games but my reflexes are gone.

I have to rely on anticipating and predicting now.
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User Info: InhumaneRaider

5 months ago#22
I used to be ass at fighting games. I hated playing them with my brothers, because they would just whoop my ass. However, after not playing a fighting game since Soul Calibur V, on a whim, I picked up Injustice 2 and actually put forth the effort into actually learning the ins and outs. Like Matchups, frame data, etc. Now I am an absolute beast at that game, even picked up Street Fighter V.

Other than that, I learned a trick to help with my aim, turning vibration off and playing claw for twitch shooters. Also started turning on hard mode for most games and it's thoroughly enjoyable. So yeah. I think I have.
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User Info: AWarAmp84

5 months ago#23
It depends on the type of game.
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User Info: Jiggy101011

5 months ago#24
Not at all. It's also because I don't have the patience anymore to play games that kick my ass over and over again
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User Info: fon1988

5 months ago#25
Seeing as how I can't even get past the second world of Cuphead. Nope lol. If anything I am probably worse and will continue to decline from here.
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User Info: Arizona_Joe

5 months ago#26
Nope I'm worse. Used to be able to 4 on 1 in Gears 1 and was always near the top in weekly and monthly leaderboards. Gears 4 I'll be lucky if I kill anyone without a power weapon.

User Info: geodANGER

5 months ago#27
not at all if anything alot worse. just don't got the time to invest to get good again
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User Info: ExempliGratia

5 months ago#28
Estocassassin posted...
ExempliGratia posted...
I think I'm better. In my prime I should say. I play fighters a lot and I understand nuances I didn't before. I got really bad in Gears of war though. Might be because I lack interest in it atm.

Fighting games are the bane of my existence... never have I wanted to be good at a game and put so much time in to just suck so much ass 😂

I was like that when I was younger. Getting your ass handed to you isn't going to help you. Understanding why you got your ass beat will help you level up a lot.
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