So Mass Finesse Andromeda, decent or crap?

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  3. So Mass Finesse Andromeda, decent or crap?

User Info: Raiden243

4 months ago#1
Just finished the Mass Effect trilogy on Xbox One (yeah late) but Mass Finesse Andromeda is it even worth a playthrough?

User Info: agentspoon

4 months ago#2
Yes, its worth a go. I am about to start my second playthrough.
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User Info: ill-thoughts

4 months ago#3
im playing through it now in French to cover how bad the dialog is lol. it's a decent exploration and combat game. Eos, Voeld and Havarl are neat huge sections to explore and you can spend a good 20 hours doing THAT. everything else is a waste, worth 10 bucks tho.
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User Info: EnemyWithin88

4 months ago#4
Very over criticized. If people didn't buy inyo hype or buy games day one at full price they'd be okay with it like i was
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User Info: bojangles22

4 months ago#5
It's worth a play if cheap. I'm going through it for the first time. If you keep your expectations low it's really not that bad.
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  3. So Mass Finesse Andromeda, decent or crap?

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