UK Sales Charts: Gran Turismo Sport Triples Forza 7's Launch

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User Info: Killusional

4 months ago#1

Damn guys now what?

User Info: agentspoon

4 months ago#2
I say this...

"It’s worth noting that none of this data takes into account digital sales, which are increasingly on the rise across all platforms. The title’s also disappointed somewhat critically, registering a respectable if unremarkable 76 on Metacritic at the time of typing."
HOLY ****! What is this? Forged in Gods very flames! Do mine eyes tell me lies? A new Elder Scrolls game?
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User Info: GTAcrazy

4 months ago#3
Who cares?
It will obviously sell better since the PS4 has way more users but that doesn't mean the game is better.
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User Info: Strav23

4 months ago#4
Also it's been some time since a GT game so there is obviously more hype for longtime fans. I find Reviews will only have a small effect on initial sales but expect the game to not sell anymore beyond that.

Movies are the same way, BvS did really well the first weekend but dropped off quickly in its second due to negative reviews.
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User Info: xSublimex

4 months ago#6
velvet_hammer posted...
Kaz wins again. Flopza had zero chance

Best graphics, gameplay, racing and sales.


Well least you got one thing right... sales. How's that meta to predicted?

User Info: DvoloS88

4 months ago#7
Killusional posted...

Damn guys now what?

Triple the user base so why is this a surprise? Really dude?
"Let The Boy Watch"

User Info: velvet_hammer

4 months ago#8
Flopza never really had a chance. Lazy boring racers. Carpg formula they are using is from ps1 Era. Get with the times turn 10. Make a real racer and stop the tomfoolery
GT4 showing Forza how 2 pitstop ever since
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User Info: quincy2000a

4 months ago#9 commenting on the quality of either...but how supposedly intelligent people constantly preach that sales don't matter is beyond me...they mattered at the beginning of this they definitely do now...and as I'm pretty certain they will when we enter the native 4k/60fps gen to come.....
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A: "Correct. Xbox One is Kinect." Microsoft VP

User Info: Flakoff

4 months ago#10
I thought all the kids were on PS4 forum.
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