Cuphead is way overhyped.

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User Info: VENOMOUS75

6 months ago#31
WhiteRosse posted...
I don't understand why Sony fans are mad about Cuphead.
Can't you play it on your PC?

They can't play on imaginary machines.
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User Info: jediknight52501

6 months ago#32
jayj350 posted...
The game sucks so bad that you will get a bunch of rabid fanboys attacking you for saying you don't like it.

Insecurity like that is usually proof of how bad a game is.

bad? are you smoking crack? it is a wonderful game.
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User Info: dr_zomberg

6 months ago#33
im glad cuphead is good, and well known.
gave us a lot of 34 on calamaria, and ideas to make a 3d character based on her.
3d erotica maker, videogame collector, phd in zombie lore. Also a girl
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User Info: HornedLion

6 months ago#34
Theleeham posted...
jayj350 posted...
HornedLion posted...
It’s definitely not a bad game. And yes, it does look great.

But i pretty much just turn it on, beat one mission or boss, and then I’m done until the next time I play again. I cannot seem to play it for more than 10min.

It’s overhyped but you know what’s REALLY overhyped? The difficulty.

Some bosses I beat in just ONE try. The Onion/Carrot boss is one example of this.

That has been my experience with the game as well.

Hahaha you two are hilarious... The carrot boss is like a tutorial boss.

Really? How so? I mean, the game didn’t force me to fight him at the start right after it taught me how to run, jump and shoot. So explain to me how this is a “tutorial boss.”

The lengths people will go to defend s***. The Carrot boss is a “tutorial boss,” lol. X’D
"Wrong again, clown. I was warned for marking too many posts for trolling." - RonBurgundy929

User Info: PS4Warrior

6 months ago#35
It's overhyped but it's still a good game.
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User Info: RonBurgundy929

6 months ago#36
The lengths some trolls will go to lie their ass off here...
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User Info: Deally_O

6 months ago#37
Sitting at a current meta score of 87, so no it is not over hyped it seems the critics think it is an excellent game.
I'm currently running through on expert trying to get s ranks. The game kicks your ass
GT - Deally
PSN - Deally84

User Info: Nodrog77

6 months ago#38
_Angel_ posted...
Cuphead is one of the rare games that lived up to its hype

Got two more posters in here to take note of as bitter tho

I feel like it exceeded it's hype, which is amazing to me.
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User Info: MoreRpgs

6 months ago#39
Caulifla posted...
It just looks cool, that's about it.

Save your money and watch youtube clips of it.

Not even worth watching youtube clips.
(message deleted)
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