Does forza 7 have billboards with "forza"?

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User Info: Mario786

6 months ago#21
xboxBUNZILLA posted...
Mario786 posted...
xboxBUNZILLA posted...
Mario786 posted...
xboxBUNZILLA posted...
flame030191 posted...
I honestly don’t see the problem you’re having....

If you don’t like them that badly, racing sims just aren’t for you.

Well sir, when I’m playing a game I don’t need an advertisement telling me what game I’m playing. The show for example... the walls are plastered with “Sony” “PlayStation””the show” l. I already bought the system and the game I don’t need the game to reiterate it.
Perhaps you’re not getting it.
While I’m playing gt sport and make a left turn, my eyes dart to the big ole sign that says “gt sport”. As if I don’t know what game I’m playing.

At the very least they could advertise their own stuff. For example Sony could throw up posters/trailers of their own upcoming games, movies, electronics etc.
Point is, people would then complain about being advertised to in a game they paid money for. TC is an anomaly complaining about something that is done specifically to avoid this type of complaining.

And it’s not “ the very least” it’s a f***ing fact.
If you actually played the games you tout about you would know this.

"Sony", "Playstation", "GT Sport" are all things you'd find on a GT Sport box. That doesn't count as advertising. I'm talking about advertising things that are outside of the game you've bought. Like having ads for say Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wild, or God of War, or a Sony TV, or whatever Sony movie is coming soon.

Yeah You’re right, is rather make a left turn and have horizon zero on the billboard instead of gt sport. Gotcha

Good you finally read something properly.
And I'm telling you that they don't do that because they'd get a lot more people b****ing rather than just you.

User Info: Splooie

6 months ago#22
NFS Underground 2 had Best Buy stores in it. Lol

User Info: The_Hedon

5 months ago#23
xboxBUNZILLA posted...
Cause every time I turn a corner in gt sport there’s a f***ing billboard plastered with “gt sport”....
Thanks for letting me know what game I’m playing....

Yes, Forza does this too. In fact, I see PlayStation billboards in GT, as well as Xbox billboards in Forza. Been this way for as long as I can remember.

Though Tag Heuer takes the cake this time around for blatant advertising. I pay $60 for GT Sport, I don't want to have Tag plastered all over every screen. I already have a Tag watch, I don't need an ad.
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