18 days until Xbox one X launches.

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User Info: chex81

7 months ago#21
b166er01 posted...
chex81 posted...
hulkhogan1 posted...
Waytoodeep03 posted...
The most unhyped launch ever.

Microsoft really and I mean SERIOUSLY hurt themselves with no exclusives.

The one x should be launching with crackdown, scalebound, and another AAA title

Exclusives don't matter as much as fanboys think. Being the most powerful console is what will sell it.

corrected. Sure, people will buy one console sometimes over another if it has a game or two they want to play. BUT, for every multiplatform game MS can tag "best console experience on xbox", you better believe that and a much superior controller WITH crossplay on PC.

exclusive software helps sell consoles, but so does "best experience".

Where are the ads?? Here in Canada we dont see ANY. So from a marketing standpoint, wtf MS? people "have heard" a new console is coming, where are the "redefining your gaming experience that support native 4K, HDR and backwards to all xbox library!" commercials? Disappointing.

It was the same for the pspro. Infact, I don't recall any tv spots touting the benefits of pro vs regular.

My guess is because it's mid gen upgrade, and hyping it up would make ppl think it's the actual new gen. Not a good idea to give that impression when your real next gen system is a couple years away.

Sony and Ms know the majority of ppl that would buy those mid upgrade systems have already heard about them.

Fair enough but still it would make sense to sell on 4K especially since TVs are selling now.
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