is Battlefront 2 pay to win?

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User Info: treebird

6 months ago#1
I thought they said they changed it so the best stuff you only get from playing?


6 months ago#2
TC, no matter what gun or attachment someone gets , i guarantee you that you can get 20-30 kills per game or more.

if you go up against darth maul, boba fett, rey, yoda. you will get wrecked no matter what gun you use.

with this logic, no one can ever beat you by paying to win. youll get shot in the back or from a distance anyway. youll get killed anyway. but you wont be unable to kill enemies.

play with friends and have fun and itll be fun
i'm so disappointed

User Info: zombody

6 months ago#3
The bigger issue is no game mode has any longevity or strategy. It desperately needs conquest mode or something other than these throw away game types.

In terms of pay to win, the better your star cards the better you will be, no doubt about it. How hard it is to get specific star cards is the big question.

In the space battles, I was essentially king once I had top tier cards for weapon overheating and lock on time. I could wreck the objectives, and killing me only refreshed my powers. On the empire side I could just constantly fire at you forcing you to dodge or die instead of attack...

So it depends on how hard and random it all is, if someone else has the same high level cards as me it will be even, but if it takes ages to get let's say the overheating card for your ships, you are essentially handicapped. You cannot take out the objectives nearly as fast or efficient and you will lose against a better equipped team...not a better skilled team, a better equipped team.

Not to mention there may only be 2 guns per class, and the single player could just be bot modes with cutscenes added on. I don't know, that's my speculation.

Tl;dr? Star cards are potentially a huge issue, but right now the game has other serious, and I mean serious flaws that are making me hold off on paying full price.
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User Info: Madxgoat

6 months ago#4
It would defiantly appear so which is a shame almost nothing would have stopped me from buying this except that one thing looks like I'm sitting this one out fellas
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