Best sandbox?

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User Info: LonnyJohnson

4 months ago#1
I'm trying to think of any off the top if there is more list them and what was your favorite one? I love random chaos that was why the GTA games were some of my favorites. Instead of feeling like the world just revolved around me and what I did it was great to see peds randomly fighting each other which I only ever seen in the GTA games.

Mafia 3
Just Cause 3
Watch Dogs 2

Im sure there's more. Are there any non shooting free roam gamed besides Skyrim?
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User Info: Overburdened

4 months ago#2
Arkham games to an extent.

Non shooting though, there's not many of those around. (There'll be post after post of people proving me wrong now, you watch..)
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User Info: velvet_hammer

4 months ago#3
MGS V the best
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User Info: BigOW

4 months ago#4
I really liked state of decay

User Info: NuclearHendrix

4 months ago#5
Far Cry 3 & 4.
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User Info: CarmensDaddy

4 months ago#6
A little old but Saints Row 2 had the best npc`s ever. You could just be walking around, minding your own business and across the street you'd see a random fight and then the cops would show up, then someone would hit the cop with a car. The cop would start beating up that person, and then get hit by another car so more cops would show up...
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User Info: zerooo0

4 months ago#7
velvet_hammer posted...
MGS V the best

Lol no.

Shadow of Mordor is fantastic and it's pretty cheap. Shadow of War is good too and the microtractions are not that bad. But I can't comment on how well Shadow of War is compared to Shadow of Mordor. ACIV Black Flags is still one of my favorite open world games and still looks great now. Also I would watch out for Assassins Creed Origin's. That open world looks like it could possibly rival The Witcher's 3.
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User Info: 305michael305

4 months ago#8
velvet_hammer posted...
MGS V the best

And maybe agents of mayhem

User Info: EnemyWithin88

4 months ago#9
305michael305 posted...
velvet_hammer posted...
MGS V the best

And maybe agents of mayhem

Dude. NO
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User Info: medmuscle

4 months ago#10
Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
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