Rare Replay came with my console in 2015. I haven't played much of it

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  3. Rare Replay came with my console in 2015. I haven't played much of it

User Info: TroutPaste

5 months ago#1
Which is a shame. I wish I had a digital copy of it, I'm lazy about discs, that's part of the reason why

Any suggestions? Of games you particularly liked, but not everyone was into.
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User Info: geodANGER

5 months ago#2
perfect dark is the only game I liked on it
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User Info: Wolf Kage

Wolf Kage
5 months ago#3
Banjo Kazooie, Conkers, Perfect Dark and the Arcade Battletoad game.

My #1 would be the Arcade Battletoads.

User Info: SpongeBob_SP

5 months ago#4
I got it at launch. The only game I really played was Conker (beat it), and good lord did that game age horrifically.

User Info: AWarAmp84

5 months ago#5
I decided not to buy RR. I didn't want to taint the fond memories I have of playing many of those games as a kid.
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User Info: DigitalFury_

5 months ago#6
I got it from watching E3 on Mixer. Haven't played much of it but my daughter loves Viva Pinata
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User Info: QueenTakhisis

5 months ago#7
I like Kameo quite a bit. Banjo is also a classic, though I couldn't figure out if it's possible to change the camera controls for Conker. They are complete opposite of what I'm used to, so I wasn't able to play it at all. Press up to look down and left to look right in a 3D platformer? WTF?
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User Info: da_StoOge

5 months ago#8
The hidden gem is Jet Force Gemini.

I got it as a gift when I was a I'd and immediately hated it because of it's crappy, kiddy art style. But I was young and poor so you played the few games you owned.

Anyway, it turned out to be a pretty fantastic game and one of the N64's best titles.
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User Info: KJP3

5 months ago#9
I'm a pretty big fan of rare (not so much anymore) I played through a lot of the N64 titles a few 360 titles and a few old games, I had a good time with it

You gotta play Banjo, Conker and Perfect Dark, I haven't played Jet Force Gemini yet but it's supposed to be pretty good
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User Info: dedbus

5 months ago#10
I was grinding through the games in release order. I think I got to blast Corp before I gave it a break.

There's some neat ideas for from back in the day. Glad I'm getting to more of the modern side though.
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  3. Rare Replay came with my console in 2015. I haven't played much of it

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