I feel sorry for the devs of PUBG because Fortnite has just stole its thunder

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User Info: robert_rangersu

6 months ago#21
SilverWingZeta posted...
Winternova posted...
SilverWingZeta posted...
0ofreako0 posted...
is this how everyone acted when GTA 3 came out and then all the copies were released?

cause...no. stop it. this is how video games work. someone makes something new that works. other companies make their version of it.

Hell before that the term 'Doom Clone' was a thing. Or the glut of mascot platformers in the 90's.

Or...WELL before that - the glut of vertical space shooters that erupted after Space Invaders was released.

How about all the pong consoles during the 70's

Trends, been around forever yet people still whinge whenever a new one begins, "I was a fan of the first therefor wha wha wha". Pretty dumb.
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User Info: GPKz

6 months ago#22
Trying to remember who created team deathmatch...

User Info: SilverWingZeta

6 months ago#23
GPKz posted...
Trying to remember who created team deathmatch...

Gonna stab in the dark and say Quake.
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User Info: thelwebb100

6 months ago#24
Ammonitida posted...
Almost everything in Fortnite is copied directly from PUBG, right down to the interface. Shameful.

Fortnite devs have a lot of nerve suing others for copyright infringement. Just because you developed a popular engine doesn't give you the right to steal other people's ideas.


I really hope Fortnite doesn't do too much damage to PUBG's player base when it arrives on XBOX One. I prefer realistic graphics over cell shading.

As consumers competition is what's BEST for all of us, this will make the PUBG dev's step it up.
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User Info: Omega_Red

6 months ago#25
🤣🤣😂😂😭😭@ Xbox fanboys mad at Fortnite for invalidating phils Spencer's deal.
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User Info: BigOW

6 months ago#26
I sincerely hope pubg is much better then fortnite. honestly if it's not then I don't see what all the hype was about in the first place. Fortnite is boring as hell IMO thankfully it was free.

User Info: CraiCrushna

6 months ago#27
pubg stole form h1z1. Player Unkown himself was fired and got pissy so he made PubG. Then threatens Epic lol.

User Info: AluminumWater

6 months ago#28
Does anyone care about the other aspect of fortnite? The whole basebuilding thingy? Seems like all I hear about fortnite is the pubg knockoff.

User Info: The_Hedon

6 months ago#29
LOL Fortnite

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User Info: ColorBlindGamer

6 months ago#30
Fornite is the kiddy version of PUBG
Nothing comes out as you plan it out to be.
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