Microsoft screwed up Xbox One from the start

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User Info: sitsus

5 months ago#1
The worst decisions in gaming history right up there with SEGA. If the console reveal and launch was thought out more deeper then this console may have outdone the PS4. With the Xbox 360 Microsoft were strong sure there was some competition with the PS3 and it's golden exclusives but overall 360 was a success because it had GAMES. The concept of Xbox One wasn't even based of video games but being an "all in one" system. Backwards compat is a huge plus for Xbox One but with the lack of games and no Japanese market as well as the awful bad press from it's inexcusable "used game policy" BS that was scrapped at launch. Microsoft sort of know that they screwed up
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User Info: regs8376

5 months ago#2
I’m enjoying my Xbox so meh. This board is seriously like cancer. At first it was Non stop troll threads and now it’s non stop power comparison threads between the PS4 pro and Xbox One X.
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User Info: Kakkeron

5 months ago#3
I don’t think selling millions of consoles classes as ‘screwing up’, regardless of competition.

User Info: djwagon

5 months ago#4
once again someone has totally misread or is misinformed .rumor has it the x1x will play games from the original xbox to the x1 .so i have no clue where people get this idea it will not have games
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User Info: RonBurgundy929

5 months ago#5
New User #5034895 giving us the same regurgitated troll speech repeated 24/7 since the day this console launched.
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User Info: Discharged19DCS

5 months ago#6
Miserable lying troll alt spending his weekend creating multiple accounts after being banned multiple times for melting on a video game message board.

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User Info: spooie

5 months ago#7
What instantly deterred a lot of people away from the Xbox One is simple... they wanted to release a game system in which you bought a $60+ disc that contained no games on it.

Then you had to pop it in your system, go online and download the game and remain online every 24 hours to use the game. You couldn't sell your games, you couldn't let friends borrow games, you couldn't use your games on a secondary console and you didn't actually own the games you paid for. You simply licensed the rights to use them at the convenience of Microsoft and their digital rights allowance.

You don't have the internet? Oh well, you don't play. Your ISP is having problems that day? Oh well, you don't play. Microsoft takes XBL down for maintenance? Oh well, you didn't check in at the right time, you don't play.

You want to trade it in or give it to a friend or donate it or pawn it on eBay? Can't do any of that. Gotta get Microsoft's permission and return it to one of their approved stores for full MSRP. Know what's worse than buying a $60+ disc with random code on it in place of a game that you have to jump through all those hoops for? Buying a USED one for the same price.

Also, you had to have a Kinect and it had to be on all the time, watching you and listening to your every word, no matter what you do.

THAT is what turned people off from the system. And no matter how much MS tried to get away from that, few people continued to trust them.

That said... I have an Xbox One S and not a PS4, or Switch, nor did I have a Wii U when that was a thing. But I didn't just forget about Microsoft's original intentions either.
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User Info: killaSeason007

5 months ago#8
Microsoft def had a bad plan and even worse way of presenting it. But they have since made up for most of it. I wouldn't mind them going back the all digital route but they need to present it in a favorable way to the customer. They do still need some new killer exclusives too. I am excited for state of decay and crackdown though.

User Info: bluefantasy

5 months ago#9
e3 2013 is over its 2017 get over it

User Info: Mirage13

5 months ago#10
I am happy with my Xbox One S. So Microsoft did not screw up the Xbox One for me. You're loss, troll.

bluefantasy posted...
e3 2013 is over its 2017 get over it

Also, this.
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