How many tflops required Next Gen?

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User Info: Masamune_6969

4 months ago#32
Solis posted...
Masamune_6969 posted...
Next gen will be 12-16 tflops as I said in my first post. It'll target 4K @ 60fps across most if not all games and with PC ultra level settings.

I highly, highly doubt anywhere near a majority of games will target 60FPS, and definitely not at 4K. The current generation consoles with half to a third of that power aren't running most games at even a quarter of that framerate/resolution combination, and that's WITH reduced console-level settings that are often far from PC ultra level, AND only targeting current visual expectations. In 2 to 4 years, when visual standards will be even higher, trying to basically quadruple the resolution/framerate demands AND provide substantially higher visual quality on hardware far less than quadruple the power just isn't practical.

Regardless of how powerful the hardware is, most developers opt for higher visual than higher framerate anyway, so it's unlikely they'll target 60FPS as a standard.

We'll see about that in a few years.
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