PS4 vs Xbox One vs Switch Global Lifetime Sales August 2017 Update - Sales

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User Info: quincy2000a

6 months ago#11
PlayStation 4 Monthly Sales: 740,648

Xbox One Monthly Sales: 282,239

Switch Monthly Sales: 692,183

I am curious to see what happens the last two months of the year...I'm pretty sure the X1X will take November...but December is kind of up in the air because of the Switch...interesting, huh?

Sony’s didn’t really go “all-in” with the PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s not quite as powerful or versatile as it could be, but it’s also less expensive. By comparison, Microsoft’s Xbox One X is a console specifically designed for a hardcore crowd. It’s designed to make a smaller demographic very happy. It’s also the new kid on the block and will likely benefit from some holiday hype.

That being the case, we’re at an interesting point where victory isn’t easily defined by who has the highest sales figures. It’s incredibly likely that the PlayStation 4 Pro will ultimately outsell the Xbox One X because it’s a more practical purchase for many people. It’s also been available for longer.

But victory for Microsoft may not be determined by a whether they use a red pen or a black to write the One X’s revenue. Victory for Microsoft may be determined by how satisfied Xbox One X owners are.

Which Will Win The Holidays: PS4 Pro or Xbox One?
Q: "I presume there will never be an Xbox One sold without it...Would that be correct?"
A: "Correct. Xbox One is Kinect." Microsoft VP

User Info: helIy

6 months ago#12
and your source for those figures are...?
depressed again
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User Info: MrBonestripper

6 months ago#13
helIy posted...
and your source for those figures are...?

his ass if it's like a lot of things he's posted here.
"If the illusion spreads, the evil will live again. But if two dragons soar through the sky, an angel will fall to the earth."

User Info: hamchunk

6 months ago#14
Houndour posted...
hamchunk posted...
Xbox4ever posted...
#sameboat #samepersonmultipleaccounts #forgottochangeaccounts #talkingtohimself

WallyWeasel posted...
Do the math!

User Info: Mrluzo

6 months ago#15
His source is newsnow...
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