Have they explained why digital games are the same price as physical?

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  3. Have they explained why digital games are the same price as physical?

User Info: G_U_G

7 months ago#31
ZDT_Leader posted...
Legit question. I buy both digital and physical depending on what game it is. (I’m a sucker for steel cases and such), but I also own plenty of digital games.

Why are they the same price..?

They are not the same price. At least not anyplace i buy. Physical is generally cheaper. Unless you factor in game sharing.

You might think it is "retail partners" but those same partners will tell you they cannot lower price of digital themselves even on their own store front.

User Info: GTAcrazy

7 months ago#32
Discharged19DCS posted...
In the uk, digital games are considerably more expensive than physical.

For example. A new release is often £55-60 digital whereas I can always find physical for about £40 or lower on release. I'd much rather go digital but the price difference is just too much.

Same here. Physical releases are usually R$20-40 cheaper than then digital versions.
I only get digital when there's a really good sale.
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User Info: Rings

7 months ago#33
agentspoon posted...
GinsuVictim posted...
agentspoon posted...
GinsuVictim posted...
Marshall_Law posted...
It's kinda like getting a cheeseburger at McDonald's, it a dollar, if you get that same burger with no pickles or onions,, it's still a dollar.

I haven't had a burger from McDonald's since the 80's.

Now I want a burger

Just not a McDonald's burger. There's a reason I've avoided them since then.

My stomach says "Yes Spoon, a McD's burger...you miss Big Macs" but my brain says "Nah, f*** that bro, make one your self with beef tomatoes, extra mature cheddar, Angus burgers, caramelised onions..."

Now I REALLY want a burger.

Now I want a burger.
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User Info: MRL3G3ND

7 months ago#34

you cut out basically all expenses

You are basically selling air, and getting $65 for it.
People who bought fallout 4 digital, paid the same amount I paid, except I got a box to display on my shelf, and a cool Vault-tec poster
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User Info: SoulTrapper

7 months ago#35
Because people are willing to pay the same price.

Everything else, like not damaging partnerships with retailers etc, is just icing on the cake.

If people are willing to pay 60 regardless of whether or not there are extra costs involved like making cases and shipping, why would they charge less?

User Info: agentspoon

7 months ago#36

I'd make you a burger Bro, it gets boring cooking for faceless people you never see.
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User Info: SigmaLongshot

7 months ago#37
When people decry parties for being "greedy", the greed is usually on the side of the retailer.

As I've outlined in post #18, the retailer usually has a laundry list of demands that the publisher has to abide by in order to secure solid sales.
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User Info: daniel79

7 months ago#38
Because f*** you, gimme money.

User Info: sonicteam2k1

7 months ago#39
dogwarrior posted...
Strav23 posted...
kennyynnoo posted...
Mario786 posted...
Because undercutting physical retail stores will negatively impact their partnerships.

This, while MS, Sony, and Nintendo prefer to not deal with retail there is still too much demand for physical.

This. Also while they don't make all the games themselves, they do make the consoles and accessories. They need the floor space to advertise. If retailers feel they aren't profiting they reduce available aisle space which would impact sales of the consoles.

This is the true reason. throw in a little bit of greed as well because it's easy for them to fall back on this reason. They wont try to change this unless there is and incentive for them to still get full price on digital sells
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User Info: GinsuVictim

7 months ago#40
agentspoon posted...

You don't use caramelised onions for flavour, you use them as a base to keep the meat or tomato juice away from the bread so it does not go soggy. The tastelessness is supposed to be there.

You had the wrong person. Corrected.
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