Games You've played Today So Far II

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User Info: Nodrog77

4 months ago#1
Wow guyz, we reached 500! Nice. This topic is meant for GameFAQsers to post what they played today so far or over the last couple of days, but use it how U want.

Today I've played Action Henk, an awesome indie Platformer/racer & Batman Arkham Knight. It's gonna be a good day 4 gaming...

btw, thanks to those who contributed to the last full topic, these topics can make 4 a nice trip down memory lane if u r one who posts regularly. 🙂
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User Info: KID VID

4 months ago#2
I haven't played anything yet, but I plan to play Rayman Legends and Cuphead later in the evening.
Xbox LIVE Gamertag: KIDD VIDD

User Info: DRmoeller

4 months ago#3
Destiny 2 and Fortnite.

Got 2nd in Fortnite BR with 8 kills. That felt like the best round I've played. I've been 1st a few times but I wasn't as aggressive as I was today.

Tried to record it but could only snag the last 5 minutes.

User Info: KillaJamm

4 months ago#4
Skrim special edition mainly, then a few games of the Battlefront 2 beta and finished off with a few cheeky games of Fifa 18.
Gamertag: KillaJamm
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User Info: Masamune_6969

4 months ago#5
Nothing today. Am taking a break for a while, so may not play much of anything until I have my X1X.

User Info: Mr_Killstreak

4 months ago#6
CS:GO later on

User Info: Overburdened

4 months ago#7
I still mean to get back to Just Cause 3. But pick games up cheap all the time. And really want to get back into Titanfall 2 mp.

Batman Arkham Origins seems pretty good fun though, Arkham Knight will be next no doubt.
When the Lion Devours Both Dragon and Child.

User Info: Connora711

4 months ago#8
Well all I'm probably going to play today is mad Max. I don't know if I like it or not...
The walking dead is the best show

User Info: VENOMOUS75

4 months ago#9
Titanfall 2
Tekken 7
Battlefront 2 demo
Alien isolation
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User Info: MoreRpgs

4 months ago#10
Dragon Quest IV
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